Be your Own Boss with Your part Time jobs .

[   By Prabhakar kumar --  ]                                                                                      Our  life  today  has  become    …

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The Removal of Section 370 in J & K .

[By Prabhakar kumar – http://www.My ]

                                                                  Person Holding Maroon Stargazer Flowers           Today is the moment  of great  enjoyment for all   Indian  as  well as   citizen  of J & K .  After  70  years  of  long  gap  , this  moment has  come     which  can  be  called  true  and  total  Independence of India .    This  is  nothing  but a courageous  and  bold  step   of Modi’s  Govt.    This  was  nothing   but a great  mistake  done  by   Pandit   Jawaharlal  Nehru ,  ex prime minister  of India.    A few or some   political  parties  were in favor of  this  because  of  vote bank and  muslim  appeasement  policy .  I am  surprised as  well as  feeling  pain    at …

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Breaking of our Family Structure.

[   By  Prabhakar kumar — ] Dedicated to Om Sai .

Six Men Standing While Laughing                                                                                    We are  going   under  changing  mode .  Our  family    structure  has  broken   and  going towards  individual  units  where family  members  are  only  father , mother and  their  children .  Joint family  system  was  our  backbone  of  development of  family . What  is  happening today ? Every  one  wants  to   live  alone  . We  keep good  relation with other  but   this  good  relationship  never developed in our self .  Why this  happened ?   We   never  want to  adjust  with  our  family  members  because   the  bond  of  relationship is   day  by  day  losing  its  strength .   Our …

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Tips for getting success with Google Adsense .

[   By Prabhakar Kumar - ] Google adsense is  the  popular  name in the  field  of advertisement  through  internet . All  most  all internet users  know  about  Google adsense .   We  earn money with the ads display by  Google Adsense  on  our  websites.  But  display of  ads  on  your  sites is  not  a  gurrantee  …

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Holi -A festival of victory and enjoyment.

By Prabhakar kumar –

                                                                  Woman Crossing on Bridge                                                                            As we  know  that Holi is the festival of colors and enjoyment . Every festivals  has its   own notion  of  celebration . First of all we  should know  the notion  of  celebrating  any  festivals.  Now  these   days  people   follow  only tradition of   years of  celebrating  any festivals .  All  most  all  Hindu  festivals  have  some  notions  or  reasons of  celebration which  is being followed  since a long time .This  festival is  being  celebrated by …

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