I am Mr. Prabhakar Kumar , professionally a lawyer mainly practicing in income tax , GST and other tax related matters. It was my strong desire to become an I.A.S. officer but it could not happened . After qualifying NET , I started thinking like collage professor . But here also, my bad luck could not leave me . In spite of selection for lecturer , I , along with 122 candidates , could not get appointment. Till today also , we are struggling for our appointment through legal way. What will happened , we do not know . But one thing we know that this legal battle has spoiled our carrier . Till we defeated , our hope of victory is alive. Here one thing I want to say to our youth that never opt those subject as mainstream carrier subject which make you to beg before any Govt. for job . I faced this situation very deeply and this is most painful. It is better to study those subject with the help of which you create job for himself. After long period of struggle in business and marketing , lastly I have started practice as lawyer in the field of income tax and GST. I am satisfied with my carrier in this field . Every work is best which you enjoy most while doing it . We people decide the rank of different work . The work which give me satisfaction and earning is the best job for me . I have left thinking about what other people think about me ? Always do what you want to do . Never follow any carrier or any body blindly. Always believe on your rationality and inner feelings. That will always guide you in right direction.———–?

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