Eat Garlic Empty stomach For A Long Life.

[ By  Prabhakar kumar — http://www.Prabhakar ]

Image result for images of garlic     There is a well known    statement  by  the ancient Greek physician  Hippocrates — ” Let  food be  the  medicine , and medicine  be  the  food . “

                                                                                 These  are  precious  words were  echoed  by  the  ancient Greek physician Hippocrates , widely  acclaimed as  the  father  of Western medicine. Hippocrates actively used to  prescribe garlic to  cure a  wide  array  of  ailments . Modern medical  science has also validated plenty of  health benefits  of  garlic .

         Doctors  advise  us  to  consume  raw garlic with  a  glass  of  lukewarm  water  in the  morning .  No doubt , Garlic is   one  of  the  most  commonly  used herbs  in the Indian kitchens . Over  the  years ,  it  is  being  extensively  used for  the  excellent taste that it  adds  to  the  delicacies  and also for  the  amazing health  benefits  that it  gives .

           One  clove of  raw  garlic [ 3 grams ] has following     nutrients  contents :-

Manganese – 2% of  the Daily  value .

Vitamins B6 :- 2% of daily value .

Vitamin C :-  1% of Daily Value .

Selenium :- 1% of  the Daily Value .

Viber :- 0.06 grams .

Good  amounts  of  calcium  , copper , potassium , phosphorus , Iron and vitamin B1.

Here  are  some  medical benefits of    taking  Garlic  with  a  glass  of  lukewarm  water every  morning in a empty  stomach . :-

[1]  Consuming  garlic  in the  morning helps  you have a  better  digestion .  A better digestion   will  result  in keeping all  the digestive  disorders at   bay. It will further assist in making you lose weight .

[2]  This  combined intake of  raw garlic  and  water  helps  you  to  detoxify  your  body . Garlic is a  great  source  to  detoxify  your   body .   It  makes your  body  more  cleaned  from all  the  harmful toxins  and  prevents diseases  like  diabetes , depression and  many  types  of  cancers too .

[3] Eating  raw  garlic also  helps  in  decreasing  the  blood glucose     levels  of  the  body . It keeps a check  on the  blood  sugar  levels  and  also  prevents  the  risk  of diabetes .

[4]  Garlic  is  also  known  to  be   extremely  helpful in tuberculosis .  Patients  suffering from TB should consume  garlic every day .

 [5[  Garlic is also assumed  or considered    to be common remedy  for effective   treatment of  concerns  like  cold , cough and asthma .

   [6]  By  reducing  the  bad  cholesterol  in the  body , garlic also  protects the  heart  by  preventing  many  cardiovascular   diseases .

 [7]    Due   to  its  anti – microbial   properties   , garlic  works great  for  the  eyes . Consuming  garlic regularly  helps in  improving  our  eye  health .

  [8]   Garlic  plays  vital  role in  enhancing  the  functioning of our  vital  body  organs  and  this further  increases  the  longevity  and  his   life span  .

                                                                            Always  maintain   that  the  garlic  you  consume  every  morning be  fresh  and   good  in quality .  Do  not  eat  too  much  of  garlic  as  it  can be  harmful  for  the body . People   who  are  allergic  to  garlic  should never  take  it  in raw   form .  If  having  raw garlic  leads to  headache  or  fever  , then stop consuming  it  right  away .  Pregnant  women and people suffering from  stomach  ulcers should never consume  raw  garlic daily . ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————The End .—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————




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