Five foods or materials which are fast muscle provider.

[  By  Prabhakar kumar — ]

                                                            Handsome well-built man walking in the desert     Today  people  have become   more  health and body building   conscious .  Our  some youth have more  interest in  their body  building.  Besides  exercises   in   Jim and  other  places  , our diet  materials also play  strong  part in building our body  more  strong and exposing .  There are  several products which is  very  useful and  full  of proteins and vitamins  , but  all are  not   useful  in  mass  gain .  Following are   these  products  which are  useful in body building .:-

[1] Eggs :-   The   Sunday breakfast  should  be  made  compulsory  every day . Do not  over do it Consume  eggs  in limited quantity .  Overdose  of anything is harmful  in any way .  After taking eggs , see the difference in your energy   levels.  The proteins  content  in every egg is 6 to 8 grams .   Other than  this , eggs are  also  rich in vitamins , zinc , iron and calcium . Image result for images of boiled eggs

[2] Chicken  breast :- Chicken breast   is   not only  the   most  tested  muscle  creating food ,  but it  is also  the  healthiest .   It  is  packed  with  30 grams  of  protein in every  100 grams of chicken  breast .  Consuming  this  everyday  for either lunch  or  dinner  can make  a  huge  difference . Image result for photo of chicken breast side up

[3]  Water :- All  nutrients  need  fluids to  travel to  all  parts  of  your  body . Water  is  the  best  way  to   hydrate  your  body .  Muscle   creation  is  a  difficult  process  and  requires  the  purest  form  of  hydration . Hydration  will  increase  strength ,  energy levels and  aid digestion . The   muscle  tissue  in our  body is 75 percent water  and needs to  be fueled  properly .

[4] Oil :-  The  biggest  myth  in  most  fitness  regimes  is  to  completely  cut off fats  from your  diet , especially  oils .  Oils like  fish  and  mustard oil  are  good for  body  building because  they  have healthy  fats . Fish oil also  boosts  your  metabolism and helps in cutting fats as well .

[5] Quinoa :-  Quinoa  is  a  very  good   source of  carbohydrates  with  14 grams  of  protein in every 100 grams . These  proteins  also  contain essential  amino acids  which help in  muscle  building .

                                                 Besides , above  described  goods , exercise also  plays vital  role in muscle creation  without which  only  foods could  not do  much  in this direction . So  do  regular  exercise  to remain fit and  having good  body . ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– The End .————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-



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