Diabetes -No worry with Ayurveda.

[  By  Prabhakar kumar — http://www.Prabhakar kumar.com ]

Image result for food for diabetesToday diabetes is a commonly found  disease  which is  spreading very fast.  Even young  people are  being affected  by this disease .  This is matter of deep  concern and  we all  have  to  think over it .   Why  diabetes is  spreading  so fast ?  I think  besides  other things , our changing life style and way of approach  towards our life is equally responsible for it .   Now  this time , very large chunk  of our   society is suffering from  this disease.  What is  diabetes ?  We can define it in  own  different way .  Diabetes is a  metabolic  disorder  , which  is  assumed  to  be  headache  for  large  number of people . There are three types of diabetes — Type 1 , Type2 and  gestational diabetes . But according to  Ayurveda , there  are twenty  types of  diabetees  classified into three groups  — vataja prameha ,  pittaja  prameha , and kaphaja  , progresses through pittaja type , finally  reaching the vataja  variety .  Kaphaja   variety  of  prameha is  curable , whereas  pittaja is controllable  and vataja is  to  be rejected . According  to recent  surveys , nearly  8.8% of the total world population has diabetes . How can we decrease this  rate ?  Here are some Ayurvedic steps to  be  taken to tackle this situation .

  Early diagnosis :-  Diabetes   shows many    symptoms   in our body .  A person can  suspect  diabetes  by observing  himself  for  these signs regularly –

[1] increased hunger  ,  [2]    Excessive sweating and urination , [3] Increased   bad odour  of the body , [4] The  weakness of various body parts  , [5] Excessive laziness  , [6] Feelings of eyes  , tongue , and ears being coated by something , [7]  the stoutness of the body , [8] the increased growth rate  of hairs and nails , [9] Excessive desire  for cold , [10]  The feeling of dryness  of throat and palate , [11]  presence of sweet taste in the mouth , [12] Burning sensation of palm and soles , [13] swarming  of ants towards urine or of the place of urination .

                                         If you  notice  such type of  symptoms , try to consult  your Doctor  and go for  blood test  to check for diabetes .  If you are confirmed  having  diabetes  , then  you should follow  the below suggestions . :-

[1]  Avoid  sweet  food  materials  , sour , salty  , fatty  and not easily  digestible .  Also   , try  to reduce  the intake  of  fresh grains , beer , meat , sugarcane juice , molasses and milk.Image result for images of doing exercise

[2]  Diabetes is a disease considered  to be  caused due to vitiation of  fat tissue . So  regular exercise is  very  important to control the  condition .

[3] Proper and timely  sleep is essential to keep diabetes in level .  We should follow constant time table  of sleep and  diet .  We should  not  be over diet .  We should take our diet  in small quantity  but at  certain interval  and it should be followed regularly .

[4]  Juice of gooseberry mixed with turmeric and honey  is an excellent recipe that  can be taken regularly  to control  diabetes .  Gooseberry  and turmeric can be used individually also . Image result for images of gooseberry

[5] A decoction  of arjuna  [ Terminalia  arjuna ] and chandana [ Santalum album] is a very beneficial .


Image result for picture of terminalia arjuna

[6] Juice of Guduchi  [ Tinospora cordifolia ]  taken  with honey cures all types of diabetes .Selpline Giloy, Gulvel - Tinospora Cordifolia Live Plant

[7]  Various researches  have proved   that  Jambu [ Eugenia jambolana ]  has best results  in controlling  diabetes . One tea spoon  of its  powder can be taken everyday morning .  A decoction prepared  from its bark is also useful .

                                                                                     In this way with help of ayurveda  , we will be able to control  diabetes to large extent . But I think  it is not only  medicines   which can cure  this disease.  For  recovery from this disease  , we have to change  our life style  and  way of thinking .  Today  we are  anxious  about those things  which should not  be our priority .   Lots of things are in our  family for which we are taking pains  which  lastly  gives you  false and  meaningless  satisfaction .  Samaj ko dikhana hai aur log kya  kahega?  These  words which are deep  mind rooted has spoiled our life . We all are living  in a world  around which these words  are  moving around us .   We are not  enjoying  true    way life .  Change your thought , Enjoy your  disease  free life .  Here nothing will remain  always . True  enjoy is  journey , not your last station .—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– The End .——————————————————————————

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