Drinking water while taking meal is not good for human life .

[By Prabhakar kumar – http://www.Prabhakar kumar.com ]

                                                          clear drinking glass on gray surface     Normally it is not taken seriously by anyone. Commonly we use  water  during taking our meal. Some person  could not take their meal without the help of water .  It is found that  mothers  usually use  water  to feed our small child. But this could be very dangerous  for their  children .  Here it is my efforts to educate common people about this common  habits of  daily life  .   Most of us  has a habit of sipping water while eating food . Some people   would not  expect of eating anything without drinking  water.  We  need  to  drink  lot  of  water in a full day .   But you should keep  in mind  that when you are  taking    meal , avoid to   take  water  in between.  Before or after  the  food  within certain time gap  , you   should   drink water . Perhaps  initially  you will feel   difficulty   to  maintain this  habit . 

                                                              We know  that   our  food  takes   around  four  hours of time to  get  digest  in our body .   So  we  need to drink  water  only after half an our  meal .    The quantity of  water  should  be  not  more than a  glass at a  `time.       If you take  water  along  with  the  food , it  disturbs  our  digestion  process  and  hence  it  leads to   create  lot of problems like  gastric  , indigestion etc.  

                                                               If  you  drink  water  immediately   after  eating  food , it will dilute the  digestive enzymes .  Due  to  this  it  will increase the  acid levels which leads  to bloating and  gastric issue . It  will  also  increase  the triglycerides  levels  which  will  lead  to  heart problems .It might  also interrupt  the blood flow to the brain  and heart which  will cause the risk  to life   itself.  It will  gradually increase the VLDL  levels in our body due to improper digestion of  food  and it lead to death .  Specially in case  of kids , mothers    use  water for every byte of  food just  to finish  their meal.  It  is  very  dangerous  way of giving food to  their  kids and later kids suffer   from indigestion and gastric issues .  It will  lead to unnecessary  fat  accumulation  in their  body .  So mother    should  be  very  careful  while feeding  kids .  In this matter , any type of  haste  could  be   very harmful for our  life . ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— The End .—————————————————————————–






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