Benefits of drinking green tea before sleeping .

[  By  Prabhakar kumar  —  http://www.Prabhakar kumar .com ]

                                                            It  is  an old perception that drinking milk before  sleeping is  good  for health and  sound sleep .  But  due  to  new  research , several  old things has  changed and  now  we are  following  new things in our life . It  is  often suggested that  tea  should  not  be  drunk  before  bedtime as  it  damages  the  body and  reduces our   desire  to  sleep .  But when it  comes  to  green tea , this  case is  reversed . Green tea  benefits the  body in  many   ways , especially when  it  is  drunk  shortly before  bedtime .

                                                          Good Sleep :- Green tea  contains an amino  acid named Ltheanine . It  reduces  anxiety and  helps in getting good sleep  while calming the  mind .

Image result for image of green tea"

Healthy and  glowing skin :-  Drinking  green tea one  hour before bedtime also  benefits the skin . At night , the  skin is  relaxed , which helps green tea  toxin – free in  the  body in a  better  way . It  makes  the  skin healthy and glowing .          Image result for image of green tea"

Help Lose Weight :-    You  must have heard about intermittent  fasting , how it  helps in weight lose .With this ,  if  you  drink  green tea before  sleeping , then the process  of  weight loss will become even faster .Image result for images of green tea

Cholesterol :-   After waking up after sleeping , the  cholesterol and  sugar level  of  the body  becomes  naturally high  for  some  time . Too  much  of  it  can  prove  to  be  dangerous  for  health . For  this  , start  drinking   green tea  at  night , which  will   help   in keeping  it  under  control . ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-the end .————————————————————————


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