Five Tips to Transform your Day More Productive .

[ By Prabhakar Kumar – www. ]

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Morning shows the day . This is a very famous statement regarding the importance of morning in a human life . It is well known perception that if your morning becomes

good then your whole day will be certainly nice. If you start your work in the very morning , your all works of life will be completed at a right time . So if you want to do lot of things in your life , you have to start your journey very early .

However , lots of people are well habituated of slow morning life and they are tired of such things in their life . It is here all details that will help your mornings be more productive and help you from oversleeping or sleeping in for work . Modern technological development in form of smart phones is the greatest enemy of a proactive morning . Just as during night , smart phone use destroys your sleep so can grabbing your smartphone as soon as you open your eyes hurt you . To give answer to the massages is one thing but browsing through the news can upset you before dawn because you just hate what politicians did now . If you find an interesting story on the websites , you might remain on the page reading it long enough to fall back asleep . Lastly , do you really wish to start your day , even if it is a Sunday torpidly lying in the bed for at least half an hour ?

Another problem that might you face if you rely on the phone too much is the inability to get up altogether . Since analog alarm clocks are a things of past , we all now use digital ones as apps on our phones . However , they come with an integrated snooze option that we find it impossible to disengage . The time you find in snooze form to have extra sleep will make you groggier once you finally get up . Turn off the snooze option on your phone or even better , get a proper alarm clock .

In stead of going through Instagram stories of your friends , you can use the time right after you wake up much more productively . In order to get your work done properly at right time , plan all the activities that await you that day . This way you will involve into creativity and productivity in the morning putting all other things aside .

It seems a bit more preposterous but there are several benefits to exercising early in the morning . First of all , a trip to the gym will require you to fully awake . Secondly , you will complete the entire routine faster and with ease because you are well rested . If you go to the gym in the morning , you will not lose precious time in the evening that could be spending with your loved ones . You will be amazed by how much fresh and motivated you will be after the morning workout .

The power of meditation is also very effective in our life and it plays powerful effect on the concentrating power of human being . How we can make meditation a essential part of our life . Similar to going to the gym , your yoga group probably has classes in the afternoon or in the evening . However , you can use the yoga mat for some morning in house meditation session . Just like exercising early in the morning in house meditation session . Just like exercising early in the morning will get your blood pumping and meditation will get your mind going .

We all know about the importance of staying hydrated or value of water for our body . So eight glass of water daily is the minimum requirement for our body . But have you ever thought about the fact that sleeping means we are left without water for full eight hours or more ? That is why the once you leave the bed should be a glass of water . Such quick intake of water will jump start your metabolism better than coffee or tea can . But make sure that the temperature of water should be normal , as a class of ice cold water will be a shock to the organism .

Even after taking drinking water , you should not postpone breakfast As we know that morning breakfast is the most important part of our whole diet schedule of a day . So we should not skip it . Even a light , healthy breakfast including milk will get your metabolism going and you will be prepared for the challenge of a new day . As far as gourmets are concerned , our advice is to go easy in terms of the quantity of food you take in your breakfast .

We have an opinion that transforming your morning routine is possible but we must warn you that it is not an easy task . These tips are there to help you make a slow transition by applying one type at a time . User one change per day and soon you will overhaul your morning routine without a glitch .———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————The End.—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

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