Top Five Companies In Data Entry Work .

[  By Prabhakar Kumar – ]

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Data  entry  is storing data in electronic  form . In business  world  , it  is  a  great  challenge  to maintain highly efficient  data . Efficiency  and accuracy  are  two  things  which  required to  be  a good Data Entry  operator .  No additional  qualification    and no  age  barriers  for being  eligible  for  data entry  services .  These  are  the  services   without  any investment  and  home  based  also . Anyone  who  wants  to  earn    good money   to  spare  some  time their  daily chores , data entry  will  be  the  best  option  for  them. Today  you  will  found  thousands of  companies  offering data  entry  services .  Some  of  the  shortlisted are :-

[1] INVENSIS :-  This is  a  leading company of IT sector  providing a  variety  of  data  jobs  to  the  seekers  over  the  years  in India and  US . It  is  an ISO 9001  certified data  entry company. It is a  global  data  entry   services  provider  which  uses  the best  technology  to provide   the  clients  with  highly accurate  data .  According to  the company , it provides 99% of  accurate  data  over  the  world.  So INVENSIS  is  one  of  the  best  company  to  work with .  Company  provides  the  services  of  online Data Entry , Offline data  entry , Document  data Entry , copy  paste Data entry ,  Invoice  and Billing Data Entry , Product Data entry , Application Forms Data  Entry , Document Management and Electronics document  Management are jobs timely offered by INVENSIS .

[2] DATA PLUS :- Data  plus  is  a Data entry outsourcing company , specialized in providing outsourced  data  entry  services. With data entry , they also provide document  scanning , data base  programming , data handling  and data reporting to  the  people who are searching for the  variety of jobs .

[3] AXION :-     Axion is also  one of  the  largest and top  companies to  provide the data entry jobs . In order to  provide  client with accurate data , Axion uses Re-Key verification and  Field Validation processes..  All the  data entry operators  work  from home  and  they are independent   contractors with own computer  equipment and  softwares . To  work with Axion , basic  computer skills are  required .

[4] STATCO :-  This  company  provides  both  well  as private services . Scanning and indexing , form processing  , image conversion , Survey  Data  capture and Data  Entry  are  the  services provided  by the STATCO . They provide complete  data processing  services  like Data Entry Form Preparation , manual  data Entry , database  Production ,and Automated Data Capture .

[5] LAKE DATA CENTER :- Lake Data Center is a US based data Entry  service company . A data entry  provider  for  companies in Cleveland and North  America . Data Entry and Processing  services including various  kinds of database entry , form creation  and document   conversion are  the  services provided by the Lake Data Center.

                                                   These are the some topmost  companies which work as a Data Entry operator .  These types  of jobs are increasing day by day with digitalization.  For this you have to have the knowledge of  various   MS tools like spreadsheets , word , databases with promptness , speed and focus . This  type of competency will help  you to meet customer requirements and earn handsome money . ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–The End .———————————————————————


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