How we remove problems related to skin and sleeplessness ?

[ By Prabhakar kumar –]

Today’s life is very fast and hectic . Every one is busy in his works . There are so many things which are affecting to our way of life. Our priorities of life has changed . Day by day our social and family structure is also changing. Some changes are assumed to be good or bad , but some times we welcome bad  changes  due to own benefits. It is but natural that there will be changes and we have nothing to do but to accept it in same form. This changing attitude of human being is creating problem for human being itself . Out of these of problems , premature aging and sleeplessness are those which is affecting us more deeply and widely too.The breaking of joint family system and widening of relationship among family members is creating working and mental tension on each and every members of family.As we know that tension affects our life badly which resulted in several physical problem.Technological development and changing life style has brought


several changes in life.This is nothing but a side effects of modern life pattern. But there is no need to worry about it.Nature has given us so many things with the help of which we can minimize the side effects of  new life style . Now a days , we  are  facing  problems which are   self  created and  we  are our self  responsible  for  it.  Day by  day we  are moving away from nature . We  have no  time  to  feel  the  presence of nature  around  us . Technological development  has  changed our  life pattern . Different  types  of  IT gadgets have  affected our  way  of  thinking  and internal  human  relation .  we  have forgotten feeling  of  togetherness and personal  relation.  The popularity of  computer , laptop and  smart phone has  created  big  gap  among human  being.  We  all  are  feeling  its  bad  repercussion on our health  and  mental  status .  We  are feeling  tired and  exhausted which  lastly  resulted into  sleeplessness , premature  ageing  and skin problem.  Its  treatment is also  available  into nature and  in  our way  of  thinking.   Regarding these  problem , I am  giving  only suggestion and  it  can  not  be assumed as a medical treatment. I  am  confident that  it  is not possible  to treat every  disease by  medicine .   If  we    change our  life style  and  prefer  to keep our self  more  closer to nature , then it  is possible for  us to  remain more  disease free.   As  we know the  importance  of  water  for  our  life and  also for  every  living being  including plants.  Without  water ,  life  is  not  possible.We  all know  about black  salt.  Black  salt  is   a  bit  different  in  taste   and  it  is  being  used  in  all  most  all  houses.  It  enhances the  taste  mainly  of salad  ,curd , and  other  things  also  when  it  is  used  with black salt.  It  is  being  used  in  every  houses  but  we  people are  quite unknown  about  its  quality.

We  get   health  related   benefit   when use  it  with  hot or  mild  hot  water   in  the  morning  in empty  stomach . When we take  black  salt  with mild  hot  water, it clear our  stomach and  our  digestive system  works  in  a  good   condition   throughout day.

                                                                                      Black  salt   keep  out all damaging products  from  our  body.   Use  of  black  salt  with hot  water  regularly  detoxify  our  whole  body.  It  also  destroy  exiting dangerous  bacteria in  our  body. It  also  removes  problems  of  acidity  from  our  body. 

Problems  of  Skin:–      Changes  of  season  has  its  first  effect  on  the  skin of  human body,  Besides  this , increasing  pollution in   the  air   has  also affected badly  our  skin.  Due  to  which people  face the  problem  of  pimple on  their  face.   To  remove  these  pimple , do  not  use  cosmetic  products , but  you  can  remove  it  by  using regularly black salt  and  hot water  in  the  morning. Black  salt  contains  chromium  which  remove  the  problem of  pimple on  face.  Besides  this , salt  water  also  removes eczema and    problem  of  rashes.

 Solution of problem  of  sleeplessness:-       If  you   are suffering from  sleeplessness   problem , then in this case  also  black  salt  with  hot  water  is  a very useful solution. Tension  has  increased  so  much  in  today’s  hectic  life  that  the problem of sleeplessness has  become  common among all  people.  To  remove  this  problem , take hot water  with black  salt  regularly   in  the  morning .  The  mineral which  is  found in  black  salt  will  keep  our  brain  and nerve  system  in  good and  healthy condition  ,that  will keep  down  our  stress   hormones  which  help  to  bring  sound  sleep . 

                                                                                    Lastly  , we  know  that  ,  when our  body  is  not  detoxify  , then  we   become seek.   Due to which   the  problem  like  acidity and  indigestion  crop  up  which  is   removed by  the  use  of black salt  with hot  water.   It  also   removes   several  other  disease  of  body . The  mixture  of black salt and hot  water  removes  all   poisonous   substances  of  our body .  We  should  use  this  in  regular  way  which  will keep  our  body  clean  and fit  for  work.  If  you  want  to  remain healthy,  we  should  keep  our  self  out  from  any  type  of  tensions , take sufficient  amount  of  water  and  take  seven to  eight  hours  of  sleep regularly.   There  are  several problems  which  are  created   by us and  society .    Some  times  we   could  not  accept the  changes which  is  taking  place  in  our  life  and  society and   we  want  to  stop  it ,but  lastly it could  not happened .  This  type  of  situation  give  you  unwanted  tension.  As  far  as  possible   go  with  changes and    keep  yourself  busy   in  any  type  of  work.  Think  positive and  remain  positive . Love  our  family and  always  remain  with  your  family.  This  is  basic  formula of   being  happy  and  healthy.—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–The  End.————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————



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