How we remove our feelings of insecurity and negativity ?

[ By Prabhakar Kumar –]

This world will go in its own way . I think we have no more option to think over it. We can not change the running wheel of time and people. We have to move with the movement of time. So if you want to be happy , never thought deeply about anything . There are countless questions of which you have no answers. we have to remain without answers of these questions. This type of situation will certainly torture you. You have to bear the pain of this torture. Lastly you have to adjust with this situation of  life. If you want to remain healthy and satisfied with your life , you have to keep yourself always engaged in any works . In Hindi there is an

statement -‘ Khali dimag shaitan ka ghar” , which means empty mind is a devil’s house. So put yourself always in work , that will give no leisure to think over useless matters. As we know that busy man is a healthy man . it is said that inactive man is just like a dead man. Even birds also teach us in similar way. There is a story related to it which I am going to explain here.

After long time of meditation and alone life in a jungle , Mahatma Buddha could not get knowledge , then he was returning back to his house. In this journey he , felt thrust. At this place he saw a pond with fresh water. He went near the pond. At this place he saw a magical event. A bird , we call it ‘Titihari’, is doing unseen work with its tail . It was again- and again dropping its tail into water and again she used to through its tail on the side of pond. Mahatma Buddha asked to this bird , What are you doing ? Then that bird replied that this pond had dropped her  two children, so I am taking revenge with this pond . I will dry this pond by doing this way. Gautam Buddha said , how you can do ? This is not possible for you to do because in comparison to you , pond is big. With her small tail , how can you dry pond? Then bird replied , that I know that it is not possible for me to do it , but I will not accept my defeat . It is only objective of my life to dry this pond. That’s why I am doing this day and night. Buddha started to ponder about the determination of Titihari bird that a small bird is determined to be successful in her efforts, then being a human , why I can not do it ? He returned back to forest and after long and hard meditation , he succeed in his objective.

Engagement and activity in life is  a  such thing by which a man not only achieve his objectives but he also becomes ideal and inspiring for others too. Swami Satya Prakash remained active in his work at the last moment of his life . He had written several books on science which became very popular . He never put his age and time in his way of achieving target. Once a time he was suffering from acute fever , but he never left his work of translating Vedas into English. He was of opinion that if he left his work due to fever and take rest , then it will be injustice with me because be inactive is equal to death.

If you remain active in life , it circulate new energy in your life . Your activity makes every parts of your body more active and powerful. You always remain full of energy and excitement , that makes you full of confidence and positiveness of thinking. This directly affects your working attitude. It is found in research that a active person is more mentally fit and healthy than the person who is inactive and lazy . That person never thought about his health in old age and try to remain always happy . Such type of person never suffer with negative feeling and he always try to be positive in thought. It is quite natural that we will feel negativity and depression , but we have to do to keep away himself from such type of negative forces. These types of forces spoiled our positive thoughts and only these are the with help of which we people survive in life . Our activeness and engagement in work will keep us away from these type of  situations which we face always .

Here is need to keep going yourself in positive direction and welcome to new ideas in your life . This is only possible when you keep yourself engage in any work or thinking process. The habit if book reading is also a good medium of keeping yourself engaged in a positive manner. It is my firm conviction that book reading can be a solid source for our self for positive thoughts. These positive thoughts gives us new energy to work and if we want to develop yourself , or brought happyness and money in your family or want to bring positive changes in the society , then you have to be engaged in positive activity. There is only basic difference of thoughts of people that guides them to approach any problem. A positive man always believe in finding of solution of any problem and on the other hand a man with negative thoughts always increase problems.

Engagement is the life breath of any body. If we get failure , it means , there is lack in our efforts. Just like  every  moment of  life requires  life  breath  to  survive , in  the  same  way  to  get  success in  life  you  have  to  remain  always   active . 


                                                                            In  Veda  too  , activity  is  said  to  be  a  religious  requirement  for  all living  things .  According  to  Veda , the  person who  is  always  sleeping  due  to  laziness , is   just like  a  dead  body.  The  person who   rise up and  sit , is  become  a living being . And   those ,  who  stand up  and  start  journey , start  his  journey towards  immortality.   As it is a  presumption that  one  who  remain  always  inactive  .  to  whom  every  moment  of life  is  like  ‘kaliyog’ .  One  who stand up , to whom it is dwapar and  one  who  is ready  to  continue , to whom  it is ‘ treta’, and  one  who  continued and  became  active , to whom  it  is  time  equal  to ‘Satyug’ .  Lastly we  can  say  that time  is  always  valuable and  it  is  up  to you  to  utilize it the  way you feel  better . 

                                                As  we know  that  the   most  valuable  thing  in our  life  is  time   because  once  a time  passed , passed for  ever.  If  we  use  it in proper  way , we can  achieve  whatever  we  want  to  achieve in our  life.  We  know   that ‘ god  helps  those  who  help  themselves.’ So   if  we  want  to  achieve something  in  our  life , first  we should   know  the  value  of  time  and  its  proper  utilization.—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–The END.———————————————————————-

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