The changing nature of carrier in the field of Law.

  [By Prabhakar kumar – www.].

Now  this  time   every  thing is in  changing  mode.  If  we observe  carefully , then we  will find that  lot  of  things has  already   been  changed .  In  same way  education pattern and  its quality has  also  changed. In Indian society,  legal  system and legal  profession has its  own  recognition and  respect. With passing  of  time it  has  also  several  new opportunities and  day  by  day  these  opportunities  are  increasing just  like  of  other  sectors.  Day by day attraction  towards law  sector is  increasing among  youths. After  economical  liberalization  the  demand  for  law  professionaldaylight-environment-garden-1055408.jpg

has  increased  and   several   new   types of  work and role  for  law  professionals has also  crop  up .  The  development  in  legal  technology   has  brought  revolutionary  changes in legal  sector.  After  coming  of  foreign  company in  India , having all these  things  like   taxation , telecom,  banking , and  finance  , power , aviation , media  information  technology etc   into  consideration ,   several  new  legal  rules  has  been  formulated. Due  to  this changing  global  economic  behaviour ,  the  demand for  legal  experts  is going to  increase in coming  time . That  was  the  reasons  due  to  which  all corporate   house ,  banks , law  firms  etc have  started  to appoint legal   adviser  in their   concerns.  Now  legal  sector  has developed  as job  oriented sector   of present time . I  think this is   the  only  sector  which  have  biggest employment potential.  According  to Times job , there  is big  bounce in   employment opportunities  in  legal sector  in India . In  May 2018 , legal sector  has  been  at  the  top in  providing  job  and  there  is  26 percent increase  in recruitment in this  sector. Whereas  there  is  34 percent bounce in  the  demand  for  legal  professionals.

   Opportunity of making self Identity:-     Everyone want their  self recognition and  quality  of  job plays very  important role in  ones  efforts  in this direction. We  struggle  whole  life  for  self identity , money and  lastly but not least important is house.  Among  these things , self  identity is  our  first and  foremost priority.  Now a days , legal sector  is  giving  well and  respectable recognition to  our legal professional.   Almost  all sectors  like  economical , political , social etc are  in  need  of  legal  advise . In  other  way , we  can  say that  without  legal  add  and  legal  expertise , no  body  can function  smoothly.   It  is  not  only attractive  from  economic  point  of  view , but  it  is  a  challenging and  exciting  carrier too.  There  are  several  famous people  from  Mahatma  Gandhi  to   Jawahar lal  Nehru , Sardar  Balavbhai  patel and list  of  such  people  are  endless  who started own  carrier  as  lawyer and  legal  professional. Now  this  time  also  there  are several  politician who  are  recognized  as  a  famous  lawyer  like  law  minister, Ravi Shankar , Arun Jeitly , Sushama swaraj , Kapil Sibbal , Ram Jethmalani and Minakshi Lekhi. In  real  , not only  legal  professional  are  in  great  demand in  the  society  but they are  highly  respectable  in  every  walks of  life .  

                                                                     Law  is  such a   carrier  which  gives not  only  marvelous source  of  income  with  job  security  and  alternatives of  variety of  works. After  doing  law  graduation  we find  social  economical  opportunities  in large scale .  A Law graduate  can  start  their  job  in corporate  houses , law  firms  , financial   institutions , FMCG  house and  etc.  After being law  expert in a particular branch of law , we  can start  our  carrier as lawyer or  law  consultant. There  are several  branches like  civil  law  , cyber  law , criminal law , corporate  law ,banking law , patent  attorney , family  law , taxation law , labor law , international  law ,  constitution law  , administrative  law , patent law . Al  most  all  big  companies  and  banks hire  legal  adviser for  their  works .  We  have also option of  doing  legal  practice independently.  


                                        There are several  alternative carrier in law by  opting    which we  can   make  our  carrier  more   marvelous  and  satisfying too. They  are as – 

Legal  analyst :-  There   is  great  demand of  legal  analyst  in corporate houses , banks  and legal  firms  who  works  on the  law   related  to   process of  working  of  company.   

Legal  Adviser :-  Now a days  near  about each company , corporate firm, media  house , NGOs , financial  institutions  etc appoint legal  adviser  who short  out financial responsibility  of company and  legal  issues with other  company.

Document drafting Lawyer :-   These  types  of  lawyer are  expertise  in legal  drafting of  agreement paper , rules and  conditions  etc  of  different  types  of  papers. 

Cyber  Lawyer :–  Cyber  lawyer handle  matters  related  to internet . Due  to expanding  use  of social  media and cyber  space  ,  cyber  crime  are  also  increasing. So  today role  of  Cyber  lawyers  are  also  increased.  Just  like it   a legal  graduate  can also  work as  legal  journalist , social work lawyer , Human  rights lawyer , as  a teaching professional in law educational  institutions , labor and environmental  lawyer etc. They  all work  in their own  fields  in  which  they are  expertise.   Besides these,  there  are  also  several  fields  in  which  we  can work  as  legal  consultant. 

                                                      As  far as  its  course  is  concerned , there are  two  types  of course  which   is  generally  found  in  India.  These  are one  after  graduation and  other after 10+2.  The  course after  graduation  is  three yrs time and after 10+2  is  of  five  yrs. There  are  several  institutions in India which provide law  degree , in  which  some  of  famous  are  National law  school  of India  university , bengaluru. Nalsaar  university of law  ,Hyderabad , National  law  university , New  delhi, Jodhpur , Bhopal , Gujrat national law  university , Gandhinagar.  Lastly  it  is  my  personal  experience  as  a  lawyer   that  only those   education is  good   which gives  you  knowledge  and make  you  skilled in that  particular  field , with the  help which  you  can create employment for  himself.   Whatever we  learn  during my  education  must  be utilized  in  their   further work. From this  point  of  view  , law  education  is perfect and  provide  lot  of  job  opportunities without  begging for  jobs  before Govt. as  well  as  Private  sectors.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–The  End.————————————————————————-

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