Online Research- An alternative source of income.

                                                     [ By Prabhakar kumar –].

                                                                        Now  a days , IT  revolution is  taking  place with  fast speed  and in coming  days  its  speed  will be  maintained as  it is.  I am  sure  in future  we  will  see   lots  of   changes  in IT  sectors.    I  think a  man  should  remain  always  ready  to  adapt new  technology and  changes.  We  should change  our  mind setup with  changing  attitude of society  and  environment.  Changes is  itself better but  it  should  be positive and  beneficial  for  society too.  Sometimes  a few changes  disrupt  the  social  and  family texture  which bring  mismanagement and  hardship for people  of  the  society.  In  this way  IT  revolution  has  changed the  way  of  life  of  people and  approach  to  the family .  In  communication  sector , computer  and  internet has  given lot  of  opportunities of  earning  money.  We  know  that  internet has  brought  the whole  world  in  a  one  city. Within no  time we come  into contact  with  each  other. On  internet  there  are  lots  of  freelancer job  like writing , graphics design and  web  designing in  their alternative  form  are also available. But if you have no interest  or expertise in these type of   opportunities, or    


alternatives job avenues ,  then  you  can  select online research  work as a alternative job.  Now a days  online  work  is  rising as  a alternative of  job in part time.  

                   Online research  is  a  services  which  is  based  on  knowledge ,  where you  can earn  by  utilizing  your  skill  and  experience.  Some  websites  take   works  for  their  client’s   in their  specialized  fields.  With  the  help of search engine we  can  help those  persons  who are  really needy  of your services.

            If  you  have  specialized  knowledge of a subject or  you  are  expertise in  a  particular official work , then  without  any  hesitation you  can  earn  money by  giving  advice to  those  who are in  need  of  this  advice.    As  for  example , some  one  wants  to  write   e – book  on  Golf play and  he  has  neither time to  research  on  this  topics  nor  he  has any  knowledge of golf. In  this   situation ,that  person contact  online research   company   for  this  work  . Now it  is  your  responsibilities to  make  available required information  for  clients .   Many  times , a  client has to make  presentation  on a subject  to  which he  has  to present  in the  meeting , but he  has  no  time  to  make  this  presentation  . In  such  situation  , you  can  do this  through  online  agency.  It  is  your  responsibilities  to  complete  this  work within due  time and information given  must  be  true and  authentic .   On  some  answer sites , many  people  ask  several  questions on different  subject,  then   you  can earn money  by  giving  answer  of  those  questions  related  to  your field. 

                                                                          Now  the  most  important  question is that, ‘how  we  start in this  field?’  You  can  start in this  direction  with  the  help  of  online research agencies .  Some  online  agencies take  a  test   to  make  you part of the  agencies . After qualifying  this test , you can  become the  member of this  agency.This  test  is  based  on  your  profile , so  it is not very  difficult. You  should  also  have close  eye  on online  research jobs  which   is commonly  put on  placement sites.  So if you  have knowledge of  any  subject  and  expertise in a specific  field , then  you  can earn  money  by  working  in this  field and utilizing own  experience for  that type of  work. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–The End.—————————————————————–

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