Hobby of Photography can be a alternative of good employment.

[By Prabhakar kumar – http://www.Prabhakar kumar.blogspot.com]

                                                                                                                  Now this time , technological development is taking place in a very vast mode . In coming days it will continue in the same way . In such type of situation hobby of photography and expertise can be alternative source of good employment.Photography is the only medium of communication in which there is no need of any language to express it ,whereas its effects of massage is most. One who have visual sense can understand this art. If you developed this talent from very start of your life , then it can be your carrier

along with its name and fame . Without any confusion hobby of photography is a very interesting and creative activities. I think one , who lack creative attitude, can not be a good photographer . Creativity is a inner quality of a person. we can only refine and develop it , but we can not create in our self . In this field you will need ingredient of creativity for better quality of photography .
Though , for starting photography it is not required to have any institutional degree , but to understand the technique of photography , it is better to have proper training and education. But for starting carrier in photography , you have to pass minimum 10+2 class. In our country , there  are several institutions  and  collages which  conduct diploma or certificate  , and  degree  courses  in photography.  As  cameramen  , a photographer   should  have deep  knowledge  about different types  of  camera and  lights, indoor  or  outdoor  shooting .

                                                                        Photography  has  also  several  sections which  is  in  itself  more   comprehensive   and  it  can  be a  alternative  source of employment. Photography  has  different  sections like  – Press photography  , features  photography , commercial  or  industrial photography , advertising  photography ,  fashion  photography , nature  and  wildlife  photography , forensic  photography , digital  photography and  lastly fine art photography. 

                                                                           From  very  earlier time , the  field of  Press  photography has   been  very  comprehensive  and  challenging . Now  this  time there  are  several  newspapers  and magzines  in our  country.  Photo has  always  been  a  non misfiring  instrument .  Press  photographer  is  also known  as press journalist . Press  photographer  works  for  local and  national level  newspapers ,  channels  ,wire  agency  and  make  photo for  them. It  is  his  ability to snap shot more photo in very less  time.  To  become  successful  press  photographer ,one  should  have  the  ability  to understand news report in  better way and also know  the  art of  making  photo in  every  situation.

                                                                        Feature  photography is  also very  interesting and a bit  technical.  Feature photography  is the  one segment  of  photography in  which we  explain a story   through medium of photos .  In this  field   photographer  should   have  complete  knowledge  about  subject. His work  and  subject are always  remain  in  changing  mode. Feature  photography includes  wild photography , sports , traveling  story ,environment  etc.  Feature photographer can  work  with other reporter ,or he  can work independently too.  Originally , his field of 



work changes according  to its  report  and  articles , Mostly they  work for  any  magzines . 

            Commercial or  Industrial Photographer:-   His  work  is  to make  photos  of  machines and  parts of  machines for  preparing  product  list , report and  advertisment  for  industry. The commercial or industrial photographer is  the  permanant  staff  of  a firm  or  company.  His  main  objective  is  to  display new  product  and  services  of  a company in a  better  way  in the  market. . All these things are done  due  to  increase  the  sale of  the  product  in the  market.  

                                                         Fashion   photography  emerging as  a  new  carrier  in the  country. These photographer  play  very  important role  in making  new  stars  in the  modeling industry. In  this  situation,     professional        photographer  are  in  great  demand .  Commonly , fashion  photographer  works for  fashion  house , designer   and  fashion journals. 

                                                          The  field  of  nature  and  wildlife  photographer  is also  interesting and  from  carrier  point  of  view , it  is  very  marvelous .  In  this  field of  photography ,  mainly   photos of  animals , birds , wild  animals and  landscape    are  being  taken  by  photographer .  Now a days , several geographical and  nature   channels  including other  company  has  launched  different  types  of  magzines , based  on  nature and  wild life , due  to  which the  demand  for nature  and  wildlife  photographer  is  increasing . Mostly  nature  photographer  work  for  calender , cover and  research  works.  This is  such an exciting  field in which  there  is  lot  of money with  adventure .   

                                                                During  any criminal  investigation of a incident , there  is a need  of  of  photograph of incident which  help  in  investigation process. For   this , from  different  angle  photos  of incident place  is taken  to  investigate  the  whole  matter.  With  the  help of  these photo,  polish  easily   find  the  reasons    behind  criminal offence and  also  find criminals.  By  forensic  photography , we can find actual status  of crime and  distance  from where crime  has  been  done.. A  forensic photographer  can  work  for  polish  department , legal  system or  with  private detective  agency .

In  the  field  of fine  art  photography , the  work  of fine  art  photographer  is  very  sensitive and  complex . For  a successful  fine  art  photographer , it  is essential for  photographer  to  have artistic  and creative qualification.

The digital  photography  is the  latest and  most modern  technique  of  photography. Digital  photography is done  with  digital  camera. In this  medium  photo  is   snap  by  floppy dish and  computer.   By  digital  photography  we  can  change any thing  in the  snapped   photo. Digital  photography  is  the  most easy , fast and  cheap medium  of  photography.  Now a days  digital photography  is  widely  used  in the  media, that’s why  the  demand  of  expert in digital  photography has  increased many fold .

                                                                 In  this  way there  are  several types  of  photography and  each of it is  very  comprehensive  and  complex. We  can,   by  getting complete  knowledge and  expertise  in any  field  of  photography,  earn  fame and money.  Through  it  we   also  get self  satisfaction by  work  which I think is  the  most important thing  for  any person.  Without  work  satisfaction , we can  not achieve our  target .  If  we  get  work  satisfaction by  doing  any  work , then that work  will   give   you maximum satisfaction  as  well  as success also.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-The End.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-








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