Writing Skill – A bright carrier with self satisfaction.

[ By Prabhakar kumar – http://www.Prabhakar kumar.blogspot.com].

                                                                               Since a long time , writing skill is remain one of the finest arts. The writing skill has been one of the most power full stable medium of expression of own thoughts. Imagine the world with no one have writing skill .Is our human civilization will remain there where it is today? I think, not. The writing skill is the pillar of growth of our civilization. At present it may have changed structure and shape . But at present writing skill has crop up as a good source of employment. Today this sector, for carrier point of view , has expanded in such way that its popularity has been gaining momentum day by day . Independent writing , content writing , script writing , corporate communication etc are such a sector in which we can achieve our target by specialization in writing skill. This sector has no income  limit . Within no time your income will rise to lakhs of rupees .

                                       Availability of opportunities:- There is large opportunities in copy writing sectors too. Under copy writing , we have to write dialogue relating to advertisement , marketing of outdoor media or TV radio, magzines and newspaper. With these dialogue , we advertise our products of company . In this sector , in initial stage you get eight to twelve thousand per month as salary , which is increased many times with experience .

                                                     Script writing :- In this type of communication , script writing has been crop up as a very interesting carrier. Whether it is matter of advertisement or serials , script is essential in every field of ankring and radio jauki . Now we  talk about of its income in this sector , sky has no limit. How many of stars you collect , it depends upon your merit and commitment to your work.

Corporate communication :- The development of private company and industry in India , has made corporate communication more important . The press release , news letter , making and handling of websites , materials of advertisement and make available all information about company, are responsibility of corporate communication. In initial  stage  we earn near about 12 to 20 thousand per  month. But income also  depend on the ability  of the  candidates. 

Independent writing :–   In  this sector  you  can also earn  by  independent writing also . A  freelance writer  can  also  earn in  initial stage  near  about  5 to 10 thousand /months. An  income  of  freelancer  has  no limit. The  income of a freelancer can  go  beyond imagination . 

Education :-   For  making  carrier  in   this  sector , minimum   required  education is  graduate . But   if  you do  not  have  requisite  qualification , then nothing to  worry  about it. You  can  start this  business  by doing  PR management ,advertising and  even student of finance  can  make  our  carrier  in this  sector . For  this  you  have to do any  course  from either Govt. or private  institution . 

                                                                       lastly we  can  say  that with  changing nature  of  life and  lifestyle of people , today  writing profession  as  freelancer  has  become very  popular and  reliable as  good  source of  income.   As  a profession  ,it is respectable  in  society too.  One  can opt this  profession with self  respect as well as  carrier  point  of  view.   Internet has  opened   several ways  of carrier  as  well as  doors  of  success  which were  not  previously  known. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-The End ————————————————–  


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