A twenty years of journey of google.

A twenty years are quite a long journey for any thing. We do not believe that google has crossed twenty years of its life . This is a matter of discussion to net user to judge the quality of google and its utility for net user. I think , today also , we can not expect net as well as computer without google. We can not think of life without google . Today google has become part and parcel of our human being. Google has started its journey twenty years before . Google had its name on 4 Sept 1998 and google .com domain had been registered on 15 Sept. 1998. This is the reason that date has been assumed to be the birthday of Google. The two student -one, lairi paje and sargai bin of Stainford university had made it 1998 but they took more than four years to put it before world for its use. In this 15 years ,a new generation of youth came into existence. With the journey of google , lakhs of children became youth seeing the magical world of google. In between ,google has done such a magic work , that some people assumed google as a God of internet . In some cases it is true because google has answers of all questions which is put before it.

But some writers like ‘ Nikolar Kar’ has different view . In his journal”The Atlantic Monthly ” in 2008 has written a article ” is google making us foolish “? To some extent it is true , because google has answer of all questions put before it to know . He has written that though we get answer of all questions , but in this way it make us depended on google and we lost our nature of searching attitude . I think this dependency of people on google for every know how , in coming days will die reading and searching nature of our youth . This type of nature of google instigate us about avoiding our thinking attitude . Without any dought Nikolar Kar is right in his view. But it is true that google has made possible for us to collect information which were not easily possible to know. Before google , there were also other search engine like yahoo and altavista , but popularity of google is due to its fast searching system. It is great contribution of google in satisfying query of people in a very easy way . It is nature of every person to know easily solution of their problem. Some times such type of easily getting solution makes man more easy going.I think to some extent google has made us more dependent on it for every problem. This way we are forgetting our research doing attitude.But is google can be blamed for putting our thinking nature aside or damaging our thinking power ? To some extent google can be blamed for this but it is not alone , we are also responsible for that .

There are so many points on which we can raise question about credibility of google in providing information. It means, as a search engine , is the result of google credible ? According to net market.com , google has global coverage near about 84.73 percent and other search engine like yahoo[global] has market coverage about 6.35 percent. According to represented data , no search engine has a capacity to challenge google in search engine field. There are several issues which is being raised by corporate sectors and they are very conscious about data security which is being assured by google. This is due to this , google search ranking is under legal scrutiny . Google has so much data that if it is misused , then it will be very dangerous for whole world. At this stage , the monopoly of google in this field is a very big question mark . What we should do at this juncture? But most vital question is that we have no better alternative other than google.

As a search engine google has establish its monopoly at internet.No one is there to compete with google in the field of searching anything at internet. Google is leading as search engine , email service ‘ Gmail’ ,video sharing site ‘U-tube ,and social networking site ‘ google plus’ in the world of internet. Google has made operating software android and it has also purchased several internet company which were working in different sectors. In coming days , google is planning to start google TV in the market which will provide both internet service as well as TV broadcast. In this way network of google is expanding very fast and in future it will have large coverage of market.

But at this point a big question is rising that what is the reason of dominance of google in the field internet? Why google is so popular? It is the service given by google in form of Gmail , google map , google , google calendar , google reader etc which makes it more popular among people of net user . I think google provide such type of services which are not provided by other . In such a cercumstances people are fully dependent on google for any type of internet services. If your work is confined to internet surfing , sending mail and receiving it , and office software , then crome OS is capable of doing work without desktop oprating system. There are three quality of crome OS – speed , smooth work system and security.

Besides these all qualities of google , there are also several facility which is being provided by google. After twenty years of its journey , Google is indispensable to internet user . It seems as if without google we can not imagine internet services . Lastly we can easily say that google’s journey is nothing but miracle in itself and we should be oblized to google for its services.————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– The End.———————————————————–

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