Job opportunities due to technological development specially in computer sector.

With development of technology ,job opportunities related to computer has been increased. There is large opportunities in the IT sectors too. Here I am explaining about some of them. My efforts is here to make people know about all these things. We know some of them like online survey ,blog writing,freelancing etc. There are also many options which can be opportunities of earning too. But we should be alert while selecting these .I feel there might be more than twenty ways of earning with the help of computer. But it is a matter of finding that among all of them which one is true. At a time there are several websites which are saying about different way of earning with your computers. It is true that today computer sector is very growing sectors and in coming time it will get momentum day by day. So we should have more information about computer and its expanding branches. As far as my view is concerned , blog writing and freelancing is most faith full as well as self satishfying medium. If you have interest and ability to write about topics of your interest , you will get money and satisfaction too through your blog and freelancing works. Blog writing is a passion and one who have passion of writing on different topics , will do better in this profession. But there is need of updating daily our written materials as well as your article should be good and not sub-standard . Our readers should feel relax as well as well informed by these articles. There are several sites which are providing freelancing job on payment basis. Freelancing job is the most remunerative and highly paid work in this word. It is work which have no time routine and time limit . Now a days freelancing job is very facinating and attractive . Blog writng is also very intresting and remunerative . We get money from advertisement which is being placed by google adsense and other advertising agency .Whenever any advertisement is being clicked by reader,blog owner is paid for that . In this way we get money by blog writing.


            With  development of  new technology  , internet is expanding  with  fast growth.  With this  medium  several new   tools  of own  thought expression is coming before  us . Among all , one  of  them is  Blog  writing.   Blog writing  has  gained wide popularity  as   a  medium of self  expression of his own thought  through internet . Today  the craze of blog  writing  among youths  is  getting momentum day by day and today  this profession has  become  hot cake for  young  generation. This  is  because  here you are on the  same platform as  writer  as  well as   publisher at  the same  time. Why  not  we  should go on  journey of  blogging and know  about the  benefit  of  blogging.  The  blog is nothing  but a type of  website where  writer always write  something which   may  be  related to  any events or from  personal  information. Now a days  there is  found several types of blogs. Today  the  world of  blog  has   developed very  much. The most of  blogs are interactive by  nature  where visitors give  comments and massages  which  becomes  the powerful tools  of  communications among  visitors  of blogs. Many of them using blog  as  a diary  , where they put  regular  entry with their opinion. On blog you can upload audio , video , pictures  and every types of information.  This  will make your blog more interactive.

     Different  types  of  blogs :-  You can see different types  of  blogs  on internet. These are following-

Personal Blog :-   These types  of blogs  are  conducted by a particular person  where  he puts  his own views on different topics.  These types of blogs are  mainly conducted  by our celebrities  through  which they remain in  contact with  our fans.

Corporate Blog :-   Today  blogs  are widely used  for  expansion of business and  services. Almost all  small  or  big  business houses are using blogs  to  develop their  business  and  through  which  new products are being made familiar to their  customers doing regular updates by blogs. This is a very powerful tool  for interaction with  customers and  it is very emerging medium for contacting  their customers .

Educational  Blog:-   Students can also  get benefit from blogs  There are many educational blogs on  internet  where  several  beneficial information  like project , research work ,  and every needed information related to assignment is  available.It  is  also  giving opportunities  of sharing  knowledge  and  ideas  with each  other.Besides  these , there is also  blogs  related  to politics  , truism , fashion  on internet  which attract lot of readers towards blog.

                                              If you are interested  in writing  and you are not getting any medium to express it , there is no  matter of worry because blog is available on internet  where any one can express own views on any subjects.This is not only develop your  writing skill  , but it  can be good hobby too.  Every persons want such an opportunities to become famous in the  world. Yes  there are several people who are  earning money  as well  as name  through their blog .  For  this your blog should have  contents   based on new ideas and  useful for  readers . If your  blog attract  lot  of  visitors , then it can be good  source of income in future. If no.  of followers and readers  of your blog increase in large scale , it may be big company can approach you  and pay you for advertising their  product and  services.  Several famous bloggers are writing review  about products of big companies . Through blogs   one  can increase owns network  which can open new windows  of opportunities. There are  several  websites  providers  with help of which you can make your  own blog. There are following famous providers  are, and  In my view wordpress .com is the one of the best among all web providers.. So one can use these providers to make own blog and earn money as well as name too. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————The End.—————————————————————–



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